My top 3 favourite hair products for dry and damaged hair



Hi lovelys, I hope you’re all having a nice week so far! Today’s blog post is going to be all about my top 3 favourite hair products for dry and damaged hair and a major hair fail that I recently had at the hairdressers.

A few month ago I decided that I wanted to lighten my hair and booked an appointment at the hairdressers. I wanted a blonde-ish balayage look but instead, I left the hairdressers with red hair. I still to this day have no idea how it happened. Needless to say, when I got home and looked in the mirror properly, I panicked! Of course I have nothing against red hair at all, I love red hair but I must say I was confused when I asked for blonde-ish balayage and received red. I went back a few days later to let them fix it however that meant adding more bleach and as you can imagine, my hair felt like straw, literally.  Luckily though, I’ve found some amazing hair care products which have literally saved my hair! and I thought I would share them all with you…

1. COCONUT OIL – This stuff is amazing! I can’t recommend it enough. It saved my hair, honestly. My hair felt like straw and was like a big ball of fluff. I read that coconut oil was good for damaged hair so I gave it a try. I put it on my hair and left it on over night and when I washed it off the following morning my hair felt so soft and silky. I couldn’t believe it! It’s such a cheap and effective way to repair your hair. The longer you leave it on, the more it will nourish your hair! So if you have the time, leave it on for at least a couple of hours. You won’t regret it!

2. UMBERTO GIANNINI 60 SECOND SMOOTH PRE SHAMPOO TREATMENT – I was kindly sent some lovely hair products from Umberto Giannini and I came across the 60 second smooth pre shampoo treatment and instantly liked it. Before trying this, I had never used a pre shampoo treatment before as I just thought it was an extra step to add into my shower routine that I didn’t need. I thought it wouldn’t make a difference but actually, it really does make a difference and I use it all the time now. I’ve noticed that whenever I use this my hair feels much healthier, stronger and doesn’t break as much. You can find it on their website and in Boots.


3. AUSSIE 3 MINUTE MIRACLE CONDITIONER – You probably already know this one since so many people rave about Aussie products but it really is a miracle in a bottle! I forgot how much I loved this product until I rediscovered it a few weeks ago. Aussie’s 3 minute miracle reconstructor is perfect for dry, lifeless and damaged hair. Whenever I use it my hair feels silky soft. It’s a deep treatment conditioner which will transform your hair. It has some amazing ingredients that your hair will thank you for! Best of all, its so affordable! You can find this in places like Superdrug and boots.



What are your favourite haircare products? I’d love to discover some more!

Thanks for reading, Lauren XoXo




Glossybox UK Beauty Subscription Box Review November 2018


November is here already and that means another Glossybox, yay! My Glossybox arrived super early this month and I’m so impressed with everything in it. In fact, I think this might be my favourite Glossybox so far! If you don’t know what Glossybox is, it’s a beauty subscription box containing around 5 products worth over £50. It costs £10 plus £3.25 postage a month and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

This months Glossybox has 6 products in it with a good range of makeup and skincare products. As soon as I heard that there was going to be a Huda lipstick inside I knew I’d love this box! Here are all of the products in Novembers box:




I am SO happy that this is in Novembers Glossybox! I’ve wanted Huda liquid matte lipstick’s for ages. The colour is perfect for wearing every day. It’s a super lightweight formula that glides on a thin coat colour that intensifies as it sets to matte.



It’s always nice to receive a mini perfume! I’ve never tried a Chloe perfume before this and let me just say, it smells gorgeous. It’s such a pretty womanly scent.



Another product which I was happy to see! This deeply conditioning hair treatment repairs dry, damaged hair by nourishing each strand, leaving your hair visibly healthier, stronger and shinier. Just what I need after having bleach put on my hair 4 times within the past two month after a mega hairdresser fail. My hair is in need of some deep conditioning and I’m hoping this will work its magic!



Your new go to autumn / winter palette! This eyeshadow palette is stunning. It has all the colours you need this season from bronze hues, daytime neutrals and beautiful shimmery pinks and reds. This palette has a mix of both matte and pearlescent eyeshadows making it so versatile. The colours are so pigmented and I’ll definitely be using this a lot.





A two in one cleanser using professional microdermabrasion crystals, it gently exfoliates, polishes and purifies. It will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. It’s cruelty free and fragrance free!



Another skincare product which I am happy about as I love to try out new skincare products. This balancing skin concentrate has some amazing ingredients such as Green tea, and vitamin C to help improve skin texture, moisture and radiance.


Glossybox have definitely pulled it out the bag this month!

Lauren XoXo


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Top 10 helpful tips for visiting Disneyland Paris


Hi Huns! If you follow me on Instagram @larylarxx then you’ll know that I went to Disneyland Paris a few months ago for my birthday and I got engaged there! So after reminiscing about how amazing my last trip to Disneyland was, I thought I’d give you all my top 10 tips for visiting the most magical place on earth!





1. Buy your tickets before you go – Honestly, book your Disneyland park tickets before you go! It’ll save you a lot of money as it’s a lot cheaper to book your tickets online beforehand instead of paying at the gate. The last time I was there, paying at the gate cost around £80 for a one day ticket, but if you book online from attraction tix  it’ll cost you £43. That’s almost half the price, which means more money to spend on  yummy Mickey Mouse shaped snacks and Minnie Mouse ears! Win win.

2.  Disney illuminations – Don’t miss it! It’s an amazing show. If you want to get a good view of Disney illuminations make sure to get there at least half an hour before it starts or even an hour before if you can. People start queuing about an hour before and when I say queuing I mean everyone sits on the floor in front of the castle waiting for the spectacular fire works to start… Ahh its amazing! If you get the chance to be at the front, then make sure you do! We got there early and sat at the front and it was just perfect.

3. Use your fastpass ticket – Everyone has access to it and its super handy! Choose the ride that you’d like to use your fast pass on, scan your park ticket and it’ll print you off a fast pass ticket with an allocated time for you to come back. You then go back to that ride at your allocated time and skip the queues. Yay!

4. Wear comfy shoes – Seriously, wear some comfy shoes! Of course we all want to be strutting around Disneyland with beautiful shoes to impress Mickey and Minnie Mouse but trainers are the best option. You’ll spend most of your day walking around and by the end of the day your feet will be aching and sore.

5. Go to Disney Village – Disney Village has lots of shops, restaurants and a sports bar. It also has McDonalds and Starbucks. Eating at Disney Village can be cheaper than eating in the park. You don’t need a ticket to enter Disney village and its a great way to spend your evening if your not in Disney. There are a lot of amazing restaurants and if you get the chance I highly recommend eating at Annette’s Diner. Although, queues can be all the way out of the door so book a table beforehand if you can!

6. Stay at a Disney on site hotel if you can – If you get the chance, stay in one of the Disney hotels! There are many perks of staying on site such as extra magic hours, where you will get access to the park before it opens to everyone else! You’ll get to meet characters and go on rides without the long queues.

7.  Or if your on a budget, consider staying at an off site hotel – Disney hotels can be expensive, but don’t worry! There are plenty of lovely off site hotels close to Disney such as Vienna house dream castle which is a great choice if you are going with children or Relais Spa Val d’Europe which is an adults only spa hotel. We’ve stayed at Relais Spa twice and I highly recommend it. It has a lovely indoor pool and a spa which was perfect after a long day at Disney. It also has a free shuttle to Disneyland and its location is brilliant. There are plenty of other off site hotels which you can find on expedia or for really good prices.

8. Download the Disneyland Paris app – This app is so helpful and it’s a must for visiting Disneyland Paris. With this helpful app you can check wait times for rides and character meet and greats, see daily schedules for the parade and Disney illuminations show and much more. It’s super handy! Honestly, this app made our trip so much easier.

9. Plan ahead –  You can look up parade times and shows before you travel on the website.

10. Character meals – If you want to go all out on your Disneyland trip, book a character meal for the ultimate Disney experience. Cafe Mickey is a great option, its pretty pricey but its totally worth it!






And those are my top 10 tips for visiting Disneyland Paris! If any of you are planning on going to Disneyland Paris soon, I hope you have the most magical time.


Lauren XoXo




Stars & Sage self care subscription box review


Hi everyone! Hope your all doing well. Todays blog post is about a cruelty free, ethical, bath and skincare subscription box. If your anything like me, then you love receiving post. Especially when its a box full of skincare and bath goodies! Which is exactly what you get when you purchase a Salts & Sage subscription box. Subscription boxes are like little surprises sent to your door, whats not to love? I love subscription boxes because you get to try new products every month and some of those products might be new ones that you haven’t heard of or ones you wouldn’t usually buy but end up loving. It’s a great way to try out products from different brands.


I decided to try the stars & sage subscription box. It’s a bath ritual, spirited holistic self care box and all of their products are ethical and cruelty free! You typically receive 3 to 6 products every month depending on the size, ranging from skincare (such as bath salts, body scrubs, oils and creams or face care) to bath and meditation accessories (such as candles, incense, crystals etc) You receive a great range of lovely products, perfect for a cosy night in. Stars & Sage costs £27 a month plus £2.90 for postage. It’s slightly higher in price than some of the leading subscription boxes such as glossy box and birch box, however the products in this Stars & Sage box are really good, and all of the products are sized really well.



I received 5 products all together in the Stars & Sage October box and I love every single one of them! Octobers box has a good range of bath and skincare products inside, and the packaging is really pretty! It comes with all of these beautiful products pictured below, as well as a leaflet with all the details of the products inside, and a bath ritual tips leaflet with some great tips to relax and enjoy some self care time.


So, what products did I receive in the October box? Lets take a closer look…

Pink Himalayan bath salts by Bloomtown Botanicals


My favourite product in the box. This bottle of mineral rich bath salts smells amazing. It smells of creamy vanilla, and hazelnut. It literally smells good good enough to eat! It’s so soothing and is perfect for a relaxing bath. It’s vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and is hand crafted in Cornwall.

Creamy Cafe Latte body butter by Anita Grant 


This creamy body butter smells gorgeous and is perfect for these cold winter months ahead! It contains lots of natural ingredients such as Brazilian coffee oil, smooth organic virgin coconut oil, decadent unrefined fair trade black cocoa butter and vitamin enriched goodness of Australian macadamia nut oil. This body butter is amazing and has your skin feeling amazingly soft. It’s vegan friendly, cruelty free, and paraben free.

Coconut Coffee Scrub by Fruuur skin 


Another amazing product! This vegan friendly coconut coffee scrub is made of fresh, finely grounded ingredients and contains nourishing organic coconut oil, watermelon seed oil and coconut pieces. If you love the smell of coffee and coconut, you will LOVE this. Its literally leaves your skin feeling baby smooth.

Radiant Glow Face mask by Evolve Beauty


I love this face mask! This mask is blended with raw cocoa powder and clay. This face mask smells of chocolate and vanilla and it literally smells edible!

True Collagen dose by Ancient and Brave


These sachets of edible skincare are packed with potent amounts of amino acids, this dose of hydrolysed collagen helps repair the skin, nourish the brain and enhance natural beauty… what more could a gal want?! I put mine in a hot chocolate drink, I couldn’t taste  it, it just tasted like a normal hot chocolate which was fab since it had this collagen sachet in it as well.

I’m really impressed with my first stars & sage subscription box. I like every product in it and I will definitely use everything that I have received. This subscription box is great for all of you cruelty free, natural and ethical brand lovers! If you like the look of Stars & Sage box you can get yours Here.


Thank you all for reading! I hope you all have a lovely day.

Lauren xo


5 Reasons why I love Autumn

why i love autumn

Autumn has arrived and I honestly couldn’t be anymore happier about it if I tried! I absolutely love autumn, its my favourite season of them all, without a doubt. This year, I’ve been even more exited for autumn to arrive because summer was SO hot! I’m one of the few that actually doesn’t enjoy the heat very much! I mean don’t get me wrong, I do love a nice summers day now and again but I prefer cool, fresh air and being able to wrap up. Here’s a few reasons why Autumn is my all time favourite season…

1 | Festive menus at Starbucks and Costa – Pumpkin spiced lattes, Black Forest hot chocolate, gingerbread lattes… whats not to love? There’s nothing I love more than going in to a lovely warm coffee shop and buying a drink from the festive menu after being in the cold.


2 | Cosy nights in – Warm baths, endless cups of tea, halloween and Christmas films, the list goes on! I love a cosy night in.. putting candles on, wearing your comfiest pyjamas and snuggling up under your blanket.


3 |Autumn and winter clothes – I love to wrap up! I basically live in my scarf in the autumn and winter months. Autumn fashion is definitely my favourite, all of the autumnal colours, tartan, chunky boots.. and theres nothing better than putting a comfy warm jumper on, is there?

autumn fashion.jpg

4 | Halloween – Pumpkins everywhere! Halloween films, getting to dress up and halloween party are just a few things I love about Halloween.



5 |Christmas is around the corner – Who doesn’t love the build up to Christmas? All of the pretty Christmas lights in town, Christmas markets, shopping for peoples Christmas presents. I just LOVE it!



Pink Parcel | The period subscription box

pinkxxxA lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about periods and avoid the topic at all costs. Periods are normal and almost all women have one every month. It’s a normal part of life, so why should we feel embarrassed to talk about it?

If your anything like me, then periods aren’t exactly something you look forward to.  A lot of people dread that time of month as periods can be uncomfortable for some.


Pink parcel kindly sent me one of their period care parcels a few days ago to try out and review. If you haven’t already heard of them, pink parcel is a monthly subscription box that gets delivered to your door every month. You can choose when you want it to be delivered, which sanitary products you would like to receive, for example, if your a tampon kind of girl, you can select tampons. You can also select mixed. They send out period essentials and some lovely products to make you feel better. Their aim is to make women feel good even at that time of the month. The subscription box is £12.99 per month and you can unsubscribe at any time. I absolutely love the idea of it, its genius!

So what’s in the Pink Parcel period subscription box?

It’s a box filled with over £40 worth of beauty, skincare and lifestyle must haves.  You’ll receive little boxes with beauty, skincare and lifestyle essential products in one big box.



What was in my box?

Pink parcel 1.jpg

All together I received 7 products which included –

  • Percy & Reed invisible dry shampoo
  • Skin Chemists Rose Quartz youth defence lip plump
  • Anatomicals no old bags allowed eye gel
  • Pixi by Petra endless silky eye pen
  • Beauty pro nourishing collagen mask with olive extracts
  • Seed and Bean organic rich milk chocolate
  • Drink me chai free from chai latte


Percy & Reed invisible dry shampoo

I was really happy to receive this as its such an essential if your on the go or don’t have time to wash your hair that day. Percy & Reed claim that the dry shampoo gives your hair a beautiful ‘just-washed’ look even if you haven’t the time to wash it. It’s ideal for all hair types between washes as a quick-fix makeover for dull, lifeless, lacklustre hair. It smells really nice and fresh and it doesn’t go powdery like a lot of other dry shampoos do. For best results, spray onto a brush and work through the hair from roots to ends.

Skin Chemists Rose Quartz youth defence lip plump

I was so exited when I saw this! The rose quartz lip plump can give you fuller lips without the pain of fillers. The lip plump is designed to hydrate your lips whilst boosting them for a fuller pout leaving them soft with a glossy finish. If you want fuller looking lips but don’t want to commit to lip fillers then I think you will love this product.

Anatomicals no old bags allowed eye gel

I struggle with under eye bags. My under eyes look so dull at the moment. I’ve found myself wiping under my eyes with makeup remover thinking that I had mascara or something under them only to realise that its my dull under eye bags! Ugh. I was so happy to see this as I’ve been needing something like this for a while. Lets hope it works!

Pixi endless silky eye pen

Can you believe that I’ve never tried a Pixi product before? I keep seeing how beautiful their products are but I’ve never gotten round to trying any of their products so I was so happy to see this! I just love all of Pixi’s packaging, its so cute and its so photogenic which is always a plus.

Beauty pro nourishing collagen mask with olive extracts

I love face masks, if your having a bit of a rubbish day and fancy a pamper night then a face mask is a must. I used this face mask more or less straight away. Its such a lovely face mask and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and soft.

Seed and bean organic rich milk chocolate 

Everyone loves a bit of chocolate! I’m not going to lie, I ate this more or less as soon as I received the pink parcel… Oops! It tasted amazing. It was so creamy and tasted like a luxury chocolate. If your looking for a little pick me up whilst your on your period, then this chocolate may do the trick.

Drink me chai – Chai latte

I’m a huge lover of hot drinks! Lattes, coffee, tea, hot chocolate.. you name it, I’ll drink it. I’m a firm believer that a cup of tea can solve just about anything. Before drinking this chai latte, I’d never actually tried one. I was a bit unsure on how it would taste but it tasted absolutely amazing! If you like lattes, then definitely try a chai latte.

If like me, you crave chocolate, all things sweet, and hot drinks galore at that time of the month then you’ll love the products inside of pink parcel.



Inside the other boxes were various period essentials. I received a box full of tampons and some sanitary towels for the night time. I was pleased that there was a large box of tampons as tampons are my go to. I’m definitely a tampon kind of girl rather than pads as thats just my preference, but everyones is different. The fact that there’s a mix of both in this box is brilliant as you can alternate between both. It’s a lot safer to go to sleep using a pad as it reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrome if you use tampons during the day. Theres also an option to donate your unused pads and tampons to charities which supply sanitary products to women who can’t afford them. Theres a pre paid slip which you can fill in to send them. This is a brilliant idea because everyone deserves to be able to use tampons and pads when they’re on their period.


My overall opinion on pink parcel

Pink parcel is such a brilliant idea. I can’t recommend it enough. I am so happy with my box and very grateful I had the opportunity to try pink parcel. I love the fact that with pink parcel, periods don’t always have to be gloomy and you can actually look forward to that time of the month with pink parcel! Pink parcel will definitely cheer you up, as it did with me. It’s such good value for money and contains really good high quality products. I will definitely be subscribing to pink parcel from now on. I can’t wait to see next months parcel.

If you are thinking about purchasing a pink parcel, I have a 20% off code: KNOX20


Lauren xo